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We have no monthly service charges, if you can operate a garden hose you can fill your system.  Mistaway is the top of the line in Equipment!  Buy with no worries. All my customers are happy and mosquito free.

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Mistaway is the industry leader in automatic outdoor bug control.  We install systems with nickel plated brass nozzles that have a return spring set at 85 psi, to reduce any dripping once the system cycle is completed.  And each nozzle has its own filter, in fact, we have a filter before the computer controlled pump, one right after the pump, before the line, and again at each nozzle.  This keeps debris from clogging your system, and allows the vortex within the nozzle to mist your area at 250 psi.

Mistaway has very unique capabilities, for example, wind detection prior to each spray, either an automatically programmed spray or a remote controlled spray.  By checking wind speed, the system will not spray if the wind is over a predetermined speed, but will check again in 5 mins., if it cannot spray due to wind within that time, the computer skips that spray, and goes on to the next programmed spray time.  This keeps the compound from being lost in the wind.  Speaking of compound, we are one of the only companies that offers an Organic compound, so it can be sprayed around lake houses, when people or food are present, and it works!

Besides just automatically spraying for Mosquitos, Wasp, Hornets, Mud-dobbers, no-seeums (gnats), we also spray the organic compound for fly control at restaurants, outback where the mops and mats are cleaned, we control the flies, also at the grease pit area.  Ask to see our letters of recommendation. 

In brief, you should know the following about us: Mistaway was established in 1999 and has been responsible for providing outstanding outdoor insect control ever since. Our specialty is in the area mosquitos and flies. Our regular customers spend .18 cents per day for outdoor insect control.

Our business is located at 6070 Mountridge, Spring Branch, TX 78070.

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